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Safety, attention and professionalism for your stay in Milan

Antares Hotel Rubens is the ideal choice for those looking for a hotel in the heart of Milan which, in addition to guaranteeing comfort, quality and a wide range of services, puts the safety of its guests among the priorities.

In fact, in addition to the care and attention with which Antares Hotel Rubens has always managed its business, in accordance with international standards, we have decided to adopt further procedures to guarantee our guests a peaceful and safe stay, even in the event of particular emergency situations.

All areas and bedrooms are sanitized also through an air and surface sanitation certified system.

Air and surfaces of the common areas such as lobby, bar and restaurant result sanitized 24h/24h.

Our procedures
to guarantee maximum safety


Adequate information shall be provided on prevention measures, which can also be understood by customers of other nationalities, either by means of appropriate signage and signs and/or audio-video systems, or by the use of personnel, responsible for monitoring and promoting compliance with prevention measures, also referring to the sense of responsibility of the visitor.

The body temperature will be measured, preventing access in case of temperature >37,5 º C. – It is facilitated the respect of the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter (extendable to at least 2 meters according to the epidemiological scenario of risk) and favored the differentiation of routes within the structure, with particular attention to the areas of entry and exit. Information boards and/or demarcation of spaces – Interpersonal distance does not apply to members of the same family group or cohabiting partners, nor to persons occupying the same room or the same room for overnight stays, or persons who, under the provisions in force, are not subject to interpersonal distance (the latter aspect relates to individual responsibility). – The reception and cash desk can be equipped with physical barriers (e.g. screens); alternatively, staff must wear the mask on all occasions of contact with users. The electronic payment method with automated check-in and check-out system will soon be implemented. At the end of each shift, the reception officer shall clean and disinfect the work plan and the equipment used.
Guests should always wear the mask in closed common areas. In common outdoor environments, the mask shall be worn when the distance of at least 1 metre cannot be respected, while the staff is always required to use the mask in the presence of customers and in any case in circumstances where it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter. Products are available for hand sanitization in various locations within the facility and it promotes frequent use by customers and staff. – Any object supplied by the facility must be disinfected before delivery to the guest. – The use of lifts must be such as to ensure that the interpersonal distance can be respected, even with the mask, with possible exceptions in the case of members of the same household; cohabiting partners and persons occupying the same room or the same environment for overnight stays, and for persons who, according to the current provisions, are not subject to interpersonal distance (said last aspect relates to individual responsibility). – Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all rooms and rooms is guaranteed, with particular attention to the common areas and the surfaces most frequently touched (handrails, light switches, elevator buttons, door and window handles, etc.). – Keep doors, windows and windows as open as possible in order to facilitate the exchange of air in indoor environments. Due to the crowding and the time of stay of the occupants, the efficiency of the systems will be verified in order to ensure the adequacy of the external air flows in accordance with the regulations in force. In any case, the crowding shall be related to the actual external air flow rates. For the air conditioning system, the air recirculation function is totally excluded and the cleaning of the recirculation air filters is guaranteed, when the system is stationary, to maintain the appropriate filtration/removal levels. The air extractor shall be maintained in continuous operation in the toilets.

The air and the surfaces of the common areas in continuous and of the rooms during each daily reorganization are also sanitized through a device certified at ministerial level, patented by NASA, which eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses through a process titanium dioxide based catalytic converter, totally harmless to people. The lift cabins have a constantly treated and sanitized air exchange.

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